APEC Card Costs

Asian business trip becomes convenient! Do you know how to get a card here?

What is an APEC Card?

Facilitate movement of business people who frequently travel in Asia

This is a special card issued by the government of participating countries/regions to business people in their own / regions.

«Country participating countries»

Australia, Brunei, Chile, China, China Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Chinese Taipei, Thailand, and Vietnam

Application requirements

( 1 ) Must have a valid Japanese passport. ( 2 ) There is no false statement in the application form or other submitted documents. ( 3 ) No criminal record ( 4 ) A person who falls under any of the following requirements (* However, it does not apply to athletes, media correspondents, celebrities, musicians, artists, etc.) )

(A) A person who is engaged in the work of assisting the Japanese member of the APECBusiness Advisory Committee ( ABAC ), the Japanese member’s representative or a Japanese member

(B) Those who are deemed to be required to travel to participating countries/regions for the purpose of conducting business related to trade etc.

(C) Staff members of the ABAC Japan Assistance Council (Japan Federation of Economic Organizations, Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (including the Chamber of Commerce and Industry who is a member of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry), Keizai Doyukai and Kansai Economic Federation), Those who are deemed necessary to travel to participating countries / regions for the purpose of conducting business relating to trade etc.

(D) Travel to participating countries/regions with the purpose of carrying out business related to trade, etc. that is deemed to be particularly conducive to disaster recovery among managers related to trade, etc. And it is deemed necessary to travel in the same way in the future merit

19 participating countries can enter without a visa!!

Generally, when a Japanese goes to a foreign country, a visa is required to enter a foreign country.

If you go on business trips many times, it will not take time to get a visa.

Also, you can use the ABTC lanes established at major international airports at the time of entry (you can use the immigration screening booth, and you can enter smoothly without waiting time !!

It is especially recommended for people who travel to overseas business trips frequently in Vietnam. In particular, Vietnam is 15 you can enter without a visa if the stay within days, 1 and departure times 30 Fewer days or more if you can not enter that there is no visa. Vietnam 1 for a business trip within a month, 2 is very useful, for example, if such there is a need to enter degrees.

As there are countries where it is necessary to pay a fee when applying for a visa, if you have many business trips to the same country many times, it may be possible to save on travel costs if you apply for an APEC card.

Attention point at the time of application

1 card expiration date and passport expiration date

The card is valid for 5 years, but if the card has a remaining card expiration date of fewer than 5 years, the card issuer will have the same expiration date as the passport.

About 2 permitted activities

Short-term income or non-revenue activities, business talks, business contacts, market research
Contracts for investment are limited to after-sales service without payment after delivery.
(※ As an activity to run business with income or activity to receive reward becomes the target of punishmentPlease take care. )

3 It takes about 5 months to 6 months from application to issuance.

<< About halfway issue >>

If you only need approval from the country/region of your choice, do not wait for the screening results of all participating countries

You can issue a card.

«On adding travel destinations»

In addition, those who have received mid-term issuance due to the above reasons will be required to apply for additional travel destination if they wish to add a newly approved participating country/region after the grant to the destination. In addition, the expiration date of the APEC card to which the destination has been added will be inherited when it is issued halfway. An income stamp worth 6,800 yen will be required. ※ If you make an issue request on the 15th of each month, you will be issued in principle from the end of the month to the beginning of the next month.

Do you know the APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC)?

Although I did not know the existence until I received a request from the customer, ABTC means that the governments of participating countries/regions facilitate the movement of business people who frequently travel in the APEC region. Is a special card issued to business people in your country/region? 

At the time of issuance, obtaining the approval of the government of other participating countries/regions in advance will exempt the visa from entering or entering the country/region or exempt the visa procedure. 

Currently, the participating 19 countries and regions, including Japan, by presenting the ABTC in immigration in the countries and regions that have received approval in the pre-examination (limited to short-term commercial purposes), 

1. Any number of times within the ABTC validity period (usually 5 years) may be subject to immigration with passports and ABTCs only (ie without a visa) in any ABTC member states/regions listed on the back of ABTC. 

2. At the time of immigration examination, ABTC system participating countries/areas can use ABTC exclusive lanes (immigration examination booth) established at major international airports, and smooth examination can be received. 

I think that it is a good system for Japanese business people who have local corporations etc. in the APEC region and are frequently on business trips. If Japanese people wish to issue ABTC, they will apply to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.