Do you know the APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC)?

Although I did not know the existence until I received a request from the customer, ABTC means that the governments of participating countries/regions facilitate the movement of business people who frequently travel in the APEC region. Is a special card issued to business people in your country/region? 

At the time of issuance, obtaining the approval of the government of other participating countries/regions in advance will exempt the visa from entering or entering the country/region or exempt the visa procedure. 

Currently, the participating 19 countries and regions, including Japan, by presenting the ABTC in immigration in the countries and regions that have received approval in the pre-examination (limited to short-term commercial purposes), 

1. Any number of times within the ABTC validity period (usually 5 years) may be subject to immigration with passports and ABTCs only (ie without a visa) in any ABTC member states/regions listed on the back of ABTC. 

2. At the time of immigration examination, ABTC system participating countries/areas can use ABTC exclusive lanes (immigration examination booth) established at major international airports, and smooth examination can be received. 

I think that it is a good system for Japanese business people who have local corporations etc. in the APEC region and are frequently on business trips. If Japanese people wish to issue ABTC, they will apply to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

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