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CH Pirok Keramia  

Gender: F
Sire: DC Cline's Olympia Blitz  
Dam: Fox Meadow's Gretchen ROM  
Registration Number: SC916430
Date of Birth:01/08/1980
Owner Names:
Breeder Names:
Coefficient of Inbreeding:6.95 % (will change as partial pedigrees are filled in; this value is computed using the full pedigree - it is not a 5-gen or 10-gen COI)
OFA Hip: VZ-1574 - NORMAL
PennHip LDI:
PennHip RDI:
OFA Elbow: -
OFA Thyroid: -
OFA Cardiac: -
OFA Eye:
BAER Hearing:
OFA Link
CHIC Number:
Von Willebrand:
Hypothetical Mate Registration Number:

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                                                           Weedy Creek Skol   
                                                 DC Weedy Creek Lobo HOF   
                                                           Weedy Creek Merya   
                                       FC Earl's Red Rogue   
                                                           Miklos of Windsweep   
                                                           Princess Dawn   
                             DC Cline's Olympia Blitz   
                                                           FC Jake Jacaranda    
                                                 DC Chip Odysseus   
                                                           Shirbob's Honey Dew   
                                       CH Arra's Valor Blitz    
                                                           Coon Valley Pal   
                                                 CH Miss Nessi   
                                                           Matrishka Nessi   
                   CH Pirok Keramia   
                                                 Herzog Schloss Loosdorf   
                                                           Babette Povazia   
                                       CH Debreceny Dezso ROM HOF   
                                                           CH Sandor Von Debretsin   
                                                 CH Besa Von Debretsin   
                                                           Lady Ria Olca   
                              Fox Meadow's Gretchen ROM   
                                                           Herzog Schloss Loosdorf   
                                                 Debreceny Magyar Red   
                                                           CH Besa Von Debretsin   
                                       CH Gretl Von Tatbanya CD ROM   
                                                           Jancsi Futaki   
                                                 CH Aranyos Adeleen   
                                                           Soska Tarhonya   

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1 offspring with public records in 1 litters (offspring with unique birthdates and mates)

By : CH Doc Holiday  
    CH Doc's Elso Lany Mariah ROM  

Full Siblings
Arndt's Oakleaf Skip  
Bartons Blitz  
CH Oakleaf's Fawn CD  
Oakleaf's Goldie  
Oakleaf's Raisin' Cain  
Half Siblings - Paternal

By: Becky's Katie Blitz  
    Cline's Re-O Blitz  

By: Degner's Ginger Mist  
    CH Blitz's Brandi Of Pin Oaks JH  

By: Pirsoka's Oak Ridge Gretta  
    Kearby's Iowa Blitz  

By: Rons Priceless Lucky Pennie  
    Truvizs Lady Samantha  

By: Rotkopf's Amber Sparkler  
    Rotkopf Gilds The Lily  
    Rotkopf's Whiz Kid  

By: DC Rotkopf's Minor Miracle  
    Rotkopf Sleepyh Hollow Rhea  
    Rotkopf's Rambling Brooke  

By: Sun Glo Morning Sky Gypsy CD JH  
    Morning Sky Baron Bru  
    Morning Sky Maggie Mae  
    Morning Sky Nicole  
Half Siblings - Maternal

Out of: Rebel Rouser Bandieto HOF  
    CH Oakleaf's Rebel Rouser Image ROM  
Total dogs: 16920 Total Dogs with COI: 10955 Avg COI: 12.28 %
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