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DC AFC Bitteroot Semper Fi Cutter  

Gender: M
Sire: 2xNAFC FC AFC Semper Fi Gust O Wind  
Dam: CH Bitteroot Bittersweet Belle JH ROM  
Registration Number: SR07266401
Date of Birth:03/03/2003
Owner Names:
Breeder Names:
Coefficient of Inbreeding:10.98 % (will change as partial pedigrees are filled in; this value is computed using the full pedigree - it is not a 5-gen or 10-gen COI)
DNA ID:V454785
OFA Hip: VZ-9607G34M-PI - GOOD
PennHip LDI:
PennHip RDI:
OFA Elbow: -
OFA Thyroid: -
OFA Cardiac: -
OFA Eye:
BAER Hearing:
OFA Link
CHIC Number:
Von Willebrand:
Hypothetical Mate Registration Number:

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                                                           2xNAFC NFC DC AFC Brook's Willie Whompum HOF   
                                                 DC AFC Semper Fi Chesty Puller MH   
                                                           CH Natasha Of Sandor Barat ROM   
                                       DC AFC Semper Fi Montezuma   
                                                           Am/Can CH Valhi's Stick To Your Guns CD VC HOF   
                                                 FC AFC Cas See's Charla   
                                                           FC Snl's Cas-See Mez   
                             2xNAFC FC AFC Semper Fi Gust O Wind   
                                                           FC AFC Chambers Voros Tars Duke   
                                                 DC AFC Camarily Sandman ROM   
                                                           NFC FC AFC Magma's Samantha Of Varos Tars   
                                       FC Mehagian Krc's Penni Paloma VC ROM   
                                                           Mehagian's Desert Bronze   
                                                 Mehagian's Hot Tamale   
                                                           Misty's Magyar Melody   
                   DC AFC Bitteroot Semper Fi Cutter    
                                                           Ar-Lor Randy's Sam   
                                                 FC AFC Fieldways Arlor Sams Ransom    
                                                           Randy Beth   
                                       FC AFC Fieldway's Sandhills Kilroy    
                                                           Rebel Rouser Bandieto HOF   
                                                 Rebel Rouser Best Bet   
                                                           Rebel Rouser B Nuts   
                             CH Bitteroot Bittersweet Belle JH ROM   
                                                           FC AFC Willie's Russet Duke   
                                                 DC Oakleaf's Screamin Demon   
                                                           CH Piper's Peppermint Patti CD VC ROM   
                                       Pipers Cape Cod Cassie   
                                                           Shalimar Bert   
                                                 Piper's Cattywampus   
                                                           Pleasant Run Jill   

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20 offspring with public records in 11 litters (offspring with unique birthdates and mates)

By : _______________________
    Penn-Woods Little June Bug  

Out of: CH April Storm's Madison RN VC  
    Pinnacle's Cut-n-run  

Out of: GCh CH Dynata's Bound To Know It All MH NAJ ROM  
    CH Dynata's Bound To Be Shooting For It All  

Out of: Homerun's Hot Shot  
    Homerun's Fast Forward  
    Homerun's Long Flyin Riff Raff  
    Homerun's Out Of The Park  

Out of: Penn-Woods Mark That Paige  
    GCh CH Penn-Woods Red Angus MH  

Out of: FC Remek Rozalia's Red Moon JH  
    Vezeto's Iron Oxide  
    Vezeto's Rusti Romper  

Out of: CH Ricochet Misty & Col's Pride JH  
    CH Ricochet's Bitteroot S.F. Sailin Virginia Belle SH  

Out of: Semper Fi Tun Tavern Tess  
    Semper Fi Bien Hoa  

Out of: CH Tiber Creeks Rushcreek Maggy  
    Rsh Crk Smpr Fi Marine Raider  
    Rush Creek's Semperfired Moka  
    Rushcreek Semper Fi Fire Flirt  
    FC AFC Rushcreek Semper Fi High Style  

Out of: Titan's C Is For Clairevoyant  
    Titan's Eye Candy  
    Titan's Hole In One  
    Titan's Top Flight  

Out of: CH Vizcaya's Lelkes Isteni Nusi  
    Pajkos Semper Fi One For The Road  
    Pajkos Semper Fi Special Ops  
    Pajkos What A Blast  

Full Siblings
Bitteroot Semper Fi Iron Mike  
Bitteroot's Hopeful Herta  
FC AFC Bitteroot's Stormy  
Clearidles Stoic Sam  
Mehagian's Sf Bitteroot Jake  
Semper Fi Woods A Fire Two Kliksout  
Half Siblings - Paternal

By: Onpoint's X Rayted FDX  
    RU-NCh NGDC NAFC FC AFC On Point's Fulluv Gusto  
    NAFC NGDC FC AFC Can CH Onpoint's Fulluv Gust O FDj  
    Onpoint's Gust O  
Half Siblings - Maternal

Out of: Renaissance's Roman Romeo  
    Bitteroot Travelin Man  
    Bitteroot's Bellwether Captain Noah  
    Bitteroots Ich Liebe Dich  

Out of: DC AFC Semper Fi Montezuma  
    NAFC FC AFC Bitteroot Semper Fi Eniwetok  
    Bitteroots Semper Fi Shawnee  

Out of: DC Valleyhunter Limited Edition SH ROM  
    Woods Afire Vly Htrs Cooper  
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